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interviewers they are not. >> don't believe the pollsters. we are at an all time high. what does the average american feel? they feel richer and they have less debt. real estate prices are back up. the consumer is going to spend money. the holiday season is shorter, but stores are open on thanksgiving. retailers are going to be pleasantly surprised. >> peter, do you agree? there's consumer confidence being down, some of the employment numbers are good, some o bad. what do you see? >> we are not creating full-time jobs. let's not go down that path. i don't see a good season. incomes are not rising. they are conservative about taking on debt. they are facing higher health care premiums. employer based insurance is pushing bigger co-pays on them. most importantly, gas prices are rising at exactly the wrong time. if anything puts a dower on people, it's gas prices. it comes out of their paycheck every week. >> i don't know where you are living, gas prices are low compared to two and three years ago. gas prices are low. consumers feel wealthier. we know consumers will spend $600 billion the next
don't want to miss that. in the meantime, "the willis report" is coming up next. ♪ gerri: hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis. tonight on "the willis report" president obama who throws the health care system into chaos offering a fixed to3 president obama who throws the health care system into chaos offering a fixed to the canceled plans that creates more confusion, not clarity. >> this fix will solve every problem for every person. gerri: also, the next head of the reserve chair in the hot seat. how long will janet yellen keep interest rates near record lows been wrote wahoo. >> i believe the benefits exceed the cost. gerri: and are you -- our users guide to shopping. we're watching out for you tonight on "the willis report." ♪ gerrnot c welcome to "the willis report." your show, your money, your voice. and tonight your apology. the president today apologizing to the 5 million in have lost our health insurance coverage because of obamacare, his pr rram. not to worry because he will allow these policies to be extended one year. he said, it's on me, but what he means is committe
don't cut the price. >> the reaaon the highest pay for the most part is because their the best. i have always said we have the best healthareelivery system in the world even though we have a crazy way to pay for health care. you are exactly right. people will become more and more kind of disgraced. what this is sounding like, what you just described, doctors are pulling out. some hospitals are pulling at of exchanges, that sounds like medicaid. medicaid you have a lot of providers. you get the insurance coverage, but no one will take it. gerri: absolutely right. you are a doctor. what is your reaction? do you go concierge? >> hard to do that. he looked at the race there being paid right now, somewhere in between medicare and medicaid rates. these will end up looking a lot like medicaid n works. you look at the same is, the plants that employ the most inside these changes in the medicaid plans because they already have the chief networks. gerri: to that point, speaking about her experiences with the system. here is what she had to say. >> i would like to be able to make my own choices.
for other purchases with the purchase of this ipad mini. don't buy stuff you didn't need. gerri: you definitely need a shopping list. [laughter] >> absolutely, shop online if you can't enjoy yourself. gerri: thank you for coming on the show. so will consumers shop until they drop? inside into how willing people are to open their wallets. peter barnes has the latest. reporter: that's rightt a new consumer survey says that more people will spend more money on their holiday shopping this year but it might've been higher had it not been for the fiscal battles in washington, which made some shoppers cautious this holiday season. the consumer federation of america hold more than 1000 consumers for their annual holiday shopping survey. 15% said that they plan to increase holiday spending this year, a slight increase over this 12% rise last year, which was up from 8% who said they spent more in 2011. 32% say they plan to spend less this year from 30% who said that last year and they are going to spend about the same. but the survey suggested that the increase in the number of consumer spendi
season? don't buy another thing until you see our users guide. tonight. the "willis report." gerri: your show. your money. your voice. tonight your veteranssthis veterans day we know our veterans are in trouble. high unemployment rates more and more heroes on food stamps. where have we gone wrong? and as a research so selflessly better a goldstar mom a mother of a navy seal also a military family adviser with concern to veterans for america. we appreciate you coming. but what is 900,000 veterans on food stamps? why it is going on in the? limit these are brave and amazing human beings writing a check to america up to their life in america has turned their back and right here in new york city 40 percent of the returning veterans find themselves on food stamps and standing in this soup kitchen and it is inexcusable. gerri: i read effuse he went to thousand vets will be eating at soup kitchens on the thanksgiving. how do react to that as a mom? >> it is tragic. throw my son's life i have met paul lot of people who have served and even since his death now working with concerned veterans of am
don't be dismayed. the end of the year could be the perfect time to buy a home. the how to do that?er personal finance expert, is i think this is a great idea k vera. >> there is not lot of inventory but not a lot of buyers they can take their. time no multiple offers or bidding wars. it is you and the offer and the seller may entertain that. brady dots in the summer if it is not in the range. >> people selling this time of year want to get out and are willing to do it >> they could be desperate because the other sellers have taken their homes off the market thosean who are in the game are motivated and they have to do it now. a the buyers are motivated because they have good job transfer of lot of companies relocate in january. serious sellers and seriouselle buyers. gerri: now look at mortgage they are still pretty attractive. four-point 3% fixed-rate 5% jumbo arm is 2.9%. >>:value appreciation they were ridiculous overpriced those that become re affordable because of that combination of these factors.n. so people on the sidelines m think maybe it is a good time to g
with self insurance a lot of tis workers don't en know you have no rules or penalties of our taxes of obare but for small businesses to join 60% of large business and 80 percent of the unions get it through a self insurance for only 50 peenof small business so they should look at this it is more e efficient and less expensive and allo you to tail the coverage. gerri: what are your criticisms? >> if you are a self -- a small firm's health insurer you take on all the risk if one gets very ill you still have a problem. it is not a panacea but a situation they have been cahow forced into trying to find any shelter. >> govern? >> there is an option if you are a small business you don't want to assume the risk of somebody gets a serious illness you have t pay 200,000 is a you can get insurance anything above 5,000 or 10,000 you are covered with a private insurer that the employer pays for. you could limit their risk estimate that's a good point but the important to peace is it is tailored it is what obamacare does not let you tailor it to your circumstances the biggt difference between private re
see? >> well, i don't see a big season. >> they are pushing a lot bigger co-pays on them and most importantly, gas prices are rising at exactly the wrong time. anything that puts a dollar on people is rising gas prices because it comes right out of their paycheck every week. >> people say the retailer going to be lower. >> what you see here? >> it is going to be maybe one or 2% adjusted for inflation. gerri: let's move on. so i have to tell you that i really think that, and i know people are going to argue with me on this, that consumers are smarter. they're saying that i'm not going to come to your store unless you're going to give me a discount. >> or smartphone stellas everything today. >> it is forcing retailers to be on their team. >> are they responding to our demands or limping along and trying to figure out how much we are going to spend? you know, you look at the consumer confidence from november and it's a two-year low. are people forcing retailers to change, or are the retailers in what is going on in changing what they are doing. >> critical question is do people go in
you get the letter in the mail and suddenly don't have coverage. and what kinds of effects are there out there? the president keeps saying that you go and get other coverage and go on the website, but you can't do that right now. gerri: let's look at "the wall street journal" this week, edie's coverage, as an example. several months ago that the president touted the state of california has been a model for how insurance is working. but in fact insurance companies like united health care have decided to exit the market and this is a complete disadvantage to insurance companies and we have recognized the risk pool of people that they are now and sharing is much thicker than they anticipated. and the young people may not show up for probably never will show up. gerri: i work at fox, i have coverage from i'm not worried about right now, but i know in houses all across the country, people are disturbed about this and very upset and they are sounding off. i want to show you some video from a social media website. take a look at this. people are posting their cancellation notices
season. that is a 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. don't miss it. "the willis report" is coming up next. ♪ gerri: hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis. tonight on "the willis report" new record high s. are bulls and bears debate. also, obamacare, the whole health insurance industry in limbo as people fled to get there policies back. and the best way to score a deal . they go to extreme lengths to get your shopping. we are watching out for you tonight on "the willis report." ♪ gerri: welcome to "the willis report". your show, your money, your voice. tonight your retirement. the dow rocketing past 16,000, setting a new all-time high. although the index did not close above that level, it is still setting its fourth consecutive record close, the seventh this month and the 309th this year. in short, stocks are on fire. does this all feel a little too much like 2000 or 2007? is there a bus coming or a crash ? have we been here before? she is smart investors have for the hills? coming together for our expert panel with up-to-the-minute advice. founder of capitalist pig, a portfolio manager and chief in
against that. i really don't. gerri: cold comfort because it is really just a road map for a terrorist at the end of the day. lots of problems going on now with flights all over the country. how serious will this be? specifically, what kinds of additional security might there be in the days and weeks after this? >> let's remember, our base security threat is not at the security checkpoints were you and i go through but the back door of an airport. a terrorist would come in that way. going forward within 18 will have everything back to normal. there will be some delays because airplanes are stuck in los angeles and again that the tomahawk to get people to chicago because it will be a ripple effect. it won't plummet the system, but it will be a problem. gerri: what about the security procedures? take longer to get through the checkpoints? >> it should not because in this case it was someone who walked in the airport like you and i could. he just brought a gun and started shooting at the security checkpoint. they might pass laws to say you cannot have a gun in a bar and you can't have a g
are concerned iermediate because valuations are so stretched. we have been here before, don't think we're in a bubble. the reason why we don't is because her if you look at where we are in terms of stock prices among we were as expensive as we are today from the late 1950's until the early 1970's. we have been here before. gerri: we have been here before, absolutely true. the p/e ratio, 16 beck were looking earnings. less talk about carl icon. the activist investor today. he is very cautious. he thinks this market is way, way, way too expensive. why? thinks that money is cheap and the companies are getting their earnings because money is cheap. what do you say? >> well, he is entitled to his opinions. market opinions. everyone has one. gerri: what do you make of it? >> i am long stocks. most people make the mistake, they make investing in all or nothing decision. bullish at the top been bearish on the bottom. it continues to be hired. having some equity exposure makes perfect sense. >> if you really understand the movements of the markets, we have never had this type of the market with
housing and job-training company's earnings i don't think it is a bubble right now. neil: i want to thank you very much.♪ have a wonderful thanksgiving. people look at tomorrow. gerri: hello, everyone, tonight on "the willis report." travelers flocked to airports for the busiest traveling day of the ye and many will not get where they are going thanks to mother nature. we will have the latest on the threatening storm. the obamacare deadline shifts again at the white house as they scramble to boost enrollment numbers by a key deadline in lightof even more problems. in consumer reports. find out which retailers made the list. we are watching out for you tonight on "the willis report." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ gerri: welcome to "the willis report." you are show them your money and your voice. tonight, the savings. major banks are warning that they may charge you to have a checng or savings account. this is according to the financial times and you heard me right. the banks are charging you to keep your money and not the other way around. two out of five banks because the deral reserve said
of air bnd. keeping these guys even really understand the economics of this and now works? >> i don't think they think too much about it. they can get headlines and now lobbied by their special interest. they think that this is something that they can be populist about. really it is a lot of people who want to visit new york and other cities with battering control laws that cannot afford to stay there and this is a way to bring in tourists. gerri: apparently there is some kind of law on the books that you cannot lease your place for short-term. you know, this is like an old school kind of law. what do you think of that? >> it is unclear what the purpose of the law is. if it is to make sure that people are not running slaughterhouses and endangering the sanitation or the safety of housing codes are things like that, you can have inspections for those sorts of things. i'm not sure what this is about. no one is making complaints about their neighbors renting out their apartment or anything like that. really you have to look behind what this is actually going after. gerri: it is an atte
? >> there are other options. you don't have to spend less if you have higher taxes in new york or colorado, you move. there is no national tax increase. gerri: people from new york city are apoplectic because a year you save $70,000 but that is median income in this town. a lot of people will vote with their feet. >> in hampshire, tennessee, texas, florida, nevada, and no income tax not for millionaires, and nobody. they love to have people who earn money and work hard move to those states. colorado could learn from california that people will leave. >> that is happening right now some of the big banks in new york city are moving operations to jacksonville florida, a salt lake city city, increasing taxes will simply reinforce the trend and the city of new york in the long run will end up with far less tax revenue than what they had expected after implementing the tax hikes. >> new york is a wonderful city. so is europe. go visit and live there. [laughter] gerri: you make a good point but talk about the middle-class. the people who are under arrest, fewer and fewer people, taxes go up, you were talki
,000. there is also a lot of information missing we don't know how many applications have gone through two insurance companies who need to issue those plans or who has paid for those plans they have until december december 15th we don't know of the young healthy people are signing up republicans say they are inflated if you think of you can put items in your shopping cart you don't have to buy them and republicans are contested that this shows the when i did 6,000 is the people who put plans in their shopping cart the administration has not broken down asking whether it would get us a breakdown for accurate numbers of whi take more time to calculate. so that first bit of numbers is disappointing on the federal level but what they have been saying over the last couple of weeks that the administration has said they have the web site problems have been lowering expectations saying that the web site problems are to blame. when you consider 27 million visitors the 26,000 is that because of the technical problem or because it costs too much? we don't know that. gerri: something that mystified m
about if the smoker something like this. i really don't smoke. gerri: so, here is the bottom line. somebody goes into a navigator for obamacare. they say, you know what, i smoke a little bit. there are told, don't tell the truth about it. want to show you another just so you can get a sense of what we're talking about. this is about declaring income. you make money, you talk to a navigator, what does that tell you cack listen to this. >> on a cash basis. don't kid yourself in trouble by declaring in now. >> exactly. >> never admit that. gerri: never reported. the highest amount of money as you can from the federal government. to you, are you surprised by this? >> not at all. once we learn from the federal government that they were not going to rely on their irs estimates to verify peebles and come but the honor system instead, it was an open invitation to fraud and mischief. gerri: apparently that is a we are getting. this is not our video. we are still trying to verify it. dr. mitchell, to you. what we know about the netting is that the president hired friends and family, organiz
s-type coupe. it will be here. i will be in it. jaguar has a big, hot announcement you don't want to miss. that is here tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern. "the willis report" is coming up next. >> hello, everybody, i'm gerri willis. tonight on "the willis report," obamacare chief kathleen sebelius on capitol hill defending the government's health care program and rejecting calls to delay the law. >> for millions of americans delay is not an option. gerri: student loan debt owed to you, taxpayers skyrockets under obama up 463%. what are we getting for hundreds of billions of dollars in spending? >>> and it is the next hot thing, the twitter ipo. do you jump in or hashtag stay away? we're watching out for you tonight on "the willis report." gerri: welcome to the "willis report", your show, your money, your voice. we start with the story that is impacting your health care tonight. should obamacare be delayed? the nation's top health care bureaucrat says, full steam ahead on the troubled program which is frustrating millions of us with website crashes and insurance cancellations. kathleen
commissioner says they want to comply but even the carriers say we don't know how we can and in this time period. melissa: i know you are not a fly on the wall today with the president but did you have a sense what when don? lahood. >> it is lack of time insurance companies are preparing for a couple of years for january 1st, 2014 with the new mandated coverage is and obamacare provisions to be included and has been preparing to get out of the individual market with lower-cost and the more bare bones policies so now as they have their rates approved and then for th president to come i yesterday to say by the way now you can sell the policies from a regulatory and business perspective it will be nearly impossible if not impossible for some insurance companies to turn around on a dime. it has taken them three years to build a web site that doesn't work now the one to the companies to come back in a matter of weeks? >> they can ensure plans that would be canceled americans to cancel plans they must inform consumers about loss protection and about other options in the marketplace. what they d
? >> the economy is not strong. the banks don't have a lot of demand for those loans. so if they put it in the federal reserve in the make almost nothing, they are not making any money on it. there's a lot of overhead in the banks, they have branches in the have to pay the insurance companies for insurance. gerri: how much does that add up to for each account? that we pay for the fdic insurance, it's a lot of money, setting up the accounts takes a lot of dough. how much is going out their front door to have me as a customer? >> about $200 per account. they want to make money in some way. they hope that even if you're not going to have a lot of money in the account, they can sell you something else. gerri: already according to some folks, there's something like 30 fees on each checking account. and i have to tell you that i kind of feel like they are getting what they need out of me. >> well, they used to get a lot more out of you, like a lot of overdraft fees and things like that. a lot of things that the government has clamped down on what they are trying toodo is quietly parcel out
. >> governor? >> there is an option if you are a small business you don't want to assume the risk of somebody gets a serious illness you have to pay 200,000 is a you can get insurance anything above 5,000 or ,000 you are covered wh a private insurer that the employer pays for. you could limit their risk estimate that's a good point but the important to peace is it is tailored it is what obamacareoes not let you tailor it to your circumstances the biggest difference between private republican approach. gerri: peop want to see private sector solutions they don't want to be with the government program. what ee is emerging? >> private exchanges are out there and health insurance is an option of. pieces like clinics that have ready access to care. but to put the lipstick on the big board make lemonad out of beloved choose t anogy. >> on how they may not be available in would be difficult to get doctors and was searchingor a solution because i hear from people from medicare to say i am really worried wil lose my doctor over time that they will work with people who are really wealthy. i think these
the hood and fixing the law. gerri: no. republicans don't, democrats don't. republicans want to ride in this into the next election, democrats are scared to death to even talk about it. >> absolutely. and these effects are going to keep onn people are going to find out their hospitals aren't covered, physicians aren't covered, and if they have to go out of network because a child or a spouse gets sick, there's no cap on out-of-pocket costs. those stories are going to start playing out after the law goes into effect in january. gerri: a lot of shoes are going to drop. robert, you and i have talked about in this offline, about the idea that it's not just people in the independent market at risk. now we're coming on people in the small business, the small group market who work for be employers with 50 or fewer employees and then, ultimately, people who are in cadillac plans at risk. let's start with that small group market, tell me what's going to happen there and then people who work for big employers, you think you're safe, you're not. >> really all the things that have been happening
're right. this will allow, if they lose money, insurance companies to get doe, get taxpayer don't ultimately. let's get back to the issue at hand. that is what the white house knew and when they knew it. it seems to me -- wonder if you agree, the white house essentially just crossed its bankers and waited. hope that it would be okay. >> i think that is exactly right they did not do what is called an end to end test until two weeks before. the system crashed. crash. it was not ready. i was not ready. i think it is worse then cross your fingers. gerri: it crashed during congressional hearings. today the head of hhs, health and human services, she was out promoting the website in miami. here is what happened terror she is trying to get people to embrace this website. listen to this. [inaudible conversations] >> temporarily. gerri: temporarily down. if you listen to the rest of that piece of tape, what the navigator says is, it happens all the time. when is the administration going to finally sobered up and admit what everybody else knows, obamacare is not working. >> you know,
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 59 (some duplicates have been removed)